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The Playa del Carmen Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic serves this entire region. Our facility offers specialized medical care for commercial and recreational SCUBA divers suffering from Decompression Sickness (DCS) or Arterial Gas Embolism (AGE), and treats non-emergency ailments (ear problems, fitness to dive physicals, and the like). Divers and Non-divers are assessed and treated by our full time MD’s.


Our services:

Hospitalization, X Rays, Laboratory, Hyperbaric Chamber, Wound Healing Treatment and Full-Service Pharmacy.


The physician and every staff member we encountered were more than competent and professional.  They were very kind and friendly and informative.  The dive accident was very frightening and the physician and the staff were very comforting and reassuring.  A staff member sat with me in the chamber with each treatment and both of them were outstanding helpful and kind. The dive doctor that I contacted when I got back to New Orleans was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of my treatment.
—T.T., USA

Chamber Tours (Please contact us for information)

If you are visiting Playa del Carmen and would like to tour our facility, you are more than welcome! Chamber tours are free, but we do ask that you contact us during normal business hours by phone to arrange an appropriate time to ensure there is no interference with any patient treatments being conducted.


In our teaching and conference facilities, we frequently host seminars for the local dive operators, medical community, and the interested public.

Tender / Operator Program (TOP)

(Please contact us for futher information)

IMG_0242Teaching Presentations / Lectures

We sponsor presentations by chamber staff or international guest speakers. These seminars are free of charge and will be announced by e-mail and posters to members of the local diving community. Presentations include topics such as: Chamber Orientation, DCS Prevention, Ear Problems and Diving, Ear Infections, Principles of Recompression, Nitrogen Narcosis, Drugs interaction with diving, etc..

Professional Affiliations

The SSS Network / Playa Del Carmen Chamber Facility is part of the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) and a member of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society (EUBS), and has the recognition of the Riviera Maya Association of Dive and Water Sport Operators (APSA).


Regular scheduled hours: 09:00am to 08:00pm seven days a week

Our staff are full time hyperbaric physcians, consulting ENT, Internal Medicine, Orthopedist, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) on call.


IMG_0249staff-outsideThe SSS Network / Playa del Carmen Hyperbaric Clinic uses a Multiplace and Multi-Lock Recompression Chamber. It is equipped to accommodate up to three patients plus an inside attendant, who accompanies the patients for the duration of the treatment.

“Multiplace” and “Multi-Lock” chambers allow the chamber technician to transfer additional or relief staff or physician, supplies, and any other necessities in or out of the chamber without interrupting the treatment.

The chamber may be pressurized up to 165 feet (fsw) / 50 meters, allowing us to provide any of the table options as outlined in the U.S. Navy treatment protocols. We also have mixed-gas treatment capabilities, COMEX tables, and have applied them in certain special cases.

Many Chambers used worldwide today can only be pressurized to a maximum of 60 feet (fsw) / 18 meters. While adequate for HBOT (chronic wound healing treatments) they are incapable of delivering the full range of available treatment protocols for all diving accidents. Multiplace and Double Lock chambers are more expensive to operate, but we feel that the level of medical care delivered is worth the extra cost.


Playa1The Dive Operators in the Riviera Maya region formed the Riviera Maya Association of Dive and Water Sport Operators (APSA). Their philosophy is to ensure that members follow a set of standards regarding safety and professionalism, and conduct their educational programs with a high level of quality. Strict guidelines are also set out in order to continually preserve the fragile ecological system. To learn more about APSA and the members who support them, please find complete listings on their website.

With the assistance and support of a large number of dive operators in Playa, and through the MHI Riviera Maya ACCESS PROGRAM, we work to provide the speediest evacuation and acccess to our clinic and the safest possible treatment in the case of a diving accident.

These Dive Operators have made a strong commitment to diving safety in the Playa del Carmen area and throughout the Riviera Maya.

Jorge,  Affiliation manager

Playa del Carmen Dive Operators

Cyan-ha Dive Center Akumal Dive Center Cooperativa Costa Azul Dive Mexico
Phocea Riviera Maya Akumal Dive Shop Cooperativa Bahia Blanca Protec Advanced
Pluto Dive Bahia Divers (Playa Xpu Ha) Extasis Dive Center Xcalak Aqua Inn (Sandos Hotel)
Scuba Libre Blue Caribe (Hotel Sirenis) Casa Carolina Aquanauts
Scuba Playa Scubaquatic (Bahia Principe Hotel) Costa de Cocos Zero Gravity
Mexico Blue Dreams Rivier Maya Adventures Parque Nacional Xcalak Halocline
Pepe Dive Center Maya Diving Fundi Group – Dreamtime Divers Acuatic Tulum
Cenote Adventures Scuba Tulum Tritones de Mahahual H2O Prodiving
Tank-Ha Divers Costa de Cocos Dive Life Kay Ops
Diving Caves Mot Mot Mar Adentro Easy Chango Dive Center
Yucatek Global Vision International gvi Maya Palms Dos Ojos Dive Center (Hidden Worlds)
Cooperativa Turistica del Mar Caribe Club Nautico Castillo (h10 el Mandarin Hotel) Mahahual Dive Center Xibalba Dive Center
Underwater Technical World Scuba Libre (Sandos Caracol Village) Bucanero del Caribe Mexi Divers
Dressel Divers (Iberostar Hotel) Aquanauts Dive Adventures Kabah Na Labna-Ha
Barrakuda Scuba (Allegro – Royal Hideway) Beach Divers Doctor Dive Aquatech Villas de Rosa
Scuba Caribe Buceo Xtabay Geo Fish Lee Corps
Reef Club Marina (Hotel Reef Club) Dive X Scuba Mex (Paamul) Dive Puerto Morelos
Pro Dive Mexico (Sunscape Hotel) Dive Mex Gran Scuba Divers Point
Sea Pro Divers (Princess Hotel) Scuba Tribe Reef Quest Divers Almost Heaven Adventures
Akumal Dive Adventures Blue Experience Abyss Dive Center Marina el Cid


You may contact the SSS Network / Playa Facility via email, mail, and/or telephone/fax

Mailing Address:
SSS NETWORK / Playa Del Carmen
Playa International Clinic
Avenida 10 Esq. 28 Nte.
Playa Del Carmen, Centro QR 77710, Mexico.

Phone: +52 (984) 87 31755  &  87 31365
Fax: +52 (984) 873 1755

Normal Clinic Hours are: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (U.S. Central Time, – 6 GMT), 7 Days a Week

Playa 24 Hour Emergency Line: 873 1365



Playa del Carmen is located almost across from Cozumel, on mainland Mexico, approximately an hours drive south of Cancun.


Aside from a barrier reef offshore, Playa is home to many of the world’s great Cenote dives (or freshwater springs), famous for their clear water. Even novices can safely explore some of the Cenotes with professional guides available at many of the local dive shops in the area.


Located just a few blocks from the beach, the Playa chamber is close to the cruise ship pier and central to almost everything in Playa del Carmen.