Patient Feedback


Here are a few comments from Diver’s we have had the privilege of treating recently:



Your staff went above and beyond, while I was being treated for DCI in the hyperbaric chamber and our sincerest thanks for getting my body back to 100% functionality. Providing a hairbrush to get the knots out of my salt-snarled hair that first night made me start to feel normal. Waking up to that amazing fifth-story view from my hospital bed was the perfect alternative to the hours I was in the hyperbaric chamber. Working directly with our company health insurance for billing was awesome. Bringing our son a birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday in English & Spanish was an over-the-top surprise!

Christine F – May 2016


Everything was clean and above my expectations.  They allowed for a relaxed atmosphere, yet relied upon my knowledge of myself to make decisions based upon how I am. They made an unpleasant experience into a pleasant memory. The doctors and staff I would rate a 12 out of 10! Very courteous, polite, accommodating, enjoyable, and happy! Bed side manners were superb! Doctors were very informative and took extra time and steps to make sure I was understanding everything! I would Highly recommend SSS Chamber Network to anyone.

Marisa H – May 2016


The staff were phenomenal is all i can say……Caring, respectful, courteous, doting professional and kind!!! Customer service was their #1 priority at all times!!  The facility was clean and beyond expectation!!  The newly renovated facility, brand new equipment and outstanding kindness and caring of the staff was beyond expectation!!!  The doctors were super professional, respectful and knowledgeable beyond expectation.  I had a rare condition yet they diagnosed me immediately. Their knowledge of unique diving conditions saved my life!!! I am forever grateful!!!  It was a phenomenal experience considering the circumstances.  They even bought my husband a birthday cake and all the staff wished him a happy birthday!!!  I cannot tell you how positive and comforting our experience was considering the severity of the situation!  The staff made all the difference.  I would recommend Cozumel International Hospital, the doctors,  nurses , and support staff to anyone!!!  I have had numerous surgeries but have never felt so comfortable, safe, secure, or confident as my stay at the Cozumel International Hospital!! Thank you for saving my life and for making it as positive an experience as possible!! Forever grateful!! 

Jacqueline R – May 2016


I would like to share my appreciation of the care I received even though it was a little scary to be in the hospital in a foreign country when on vacation, however I felt the Doctors, Nurses, and other staff were all very friendly as well as professional, Everyone was doing their job appropriately, and at the same time providing the service in a friendly manner. From the very beginning I felt that I was being given considerable attention to determine the issue and to determine a treatment plan.   I felt this was the case throughout my stay.   The Doctors\Hospital staff all seemed to be very well informed of the issue I was experiencing.   It makes sense that since the issue was connected to Scuba diving, and I was in one of the top spots in the World for Scuba diving, that those treating me would be experts.   I felt that those I was working with understood what was going on and what needed to be done to treat the issue.   I was thankful to have “experts” working to resolve the issue. Thank you all for the time and attention provided while I was in the hospital!

James H – Dec 2015


I am grateful for the care and expertise I received at this facility. It is stressful enough to need surgery, but in a foreign country it can be overwhelming. The staff was so helpful and I appreciated their English was so much better than my Spanish!

Carolyn B – Feb 2015


Thank you for everything your team did for me. The calmness and confidence was especially appreciated. The most stressful part of the whole experience was actually worrying about insurance. Kevin was great at working on it efficiently and effectively and I am grateful since it was my first time having to rely on the precautionary travel insurance we had thus far been lucky enough to never use.

Casey K – April 2015


The experience with the SSS Network has been nothing short of phenomenal.  They were knowledgeable, polite, and efficient.  They did an excellent job in communicating with me in English and in my limited Spanish.  I could not ask for a better group of people to take care of me during my treatment. I have the highest praise for your staff and facility.  Thank you very much for taking care of me!

M M – April 2015


The staff at the SSS chamber in Samui are excellent, the help make a stressful and scary situation manageable and it is apparent they are genuinely concerned for your well being and a positive recovery. They take the time and work around their own personal lives and schedules to ensure you are treated to the highest standard.

Claire P – March 2015


Andy was great, he really went out of his way to ALWAYS make sure I was comfortable and safe. He followed up with me daily and provided reminders times to return to the chamber. He made the administrative work easy and convenient. I was very nervous about the treatments and Andy made sure I was comfortable.

Danielle H – Feb 2015


Recently (last week) I was in your facility for treatment of decompression sickness.  This in itself is enough to be a bad experience.  However, your staff was so kind and understanding it made a bad situation VERY tolerable and comfortable for me.  There are so many people that made me feel special and well cared for there is no way to name them all, but everyone was so kind.  Being in a foreign country medical facility can be very intimidating but your staff continually made me feel that they were there for me any time of the day and special as they were there to make me feel better.  Sitting is a hyperbaric  chamber is probably my least favorite memory however, your attendants were so attentive and caring it made an unpleasant experience very tolerable.  Your doctors and nurses were absolutely FABULOUS AND PROFESSIONAL.

Because of you, I got to go home.  Thank you all so much!

Dave – Feb 2015


As I wrote above I felt to be in good hands at any time, from arrival until release from hospital. Your processes in treating dive accidents seem to be very professional. No waiting times in the hospital! Clean facilities, all staff was very kind without any exceptions. I was very well informed about every step of the treatment. Can’t find something negative or something to make any better.

Thank you very much to all of you, special thanks to Mr. Morgan and to the person (forgot the name) who shared the time with me in the chamber!

Stefan F – Dec 2014


The hospital staff did an outstanding job treating me. Everything was ready when I arrived, and I was seen by various Doctors each evaluating me for specific things. The chamber was clean and ready and the staff there did everything possible to insure the experience was as good as it could be. Everyone involved with my stay continuously kept me informed of test results, on-going treatment progress, and answered any questions I had. Which was quite remarkable since I speak little Spanish and some staff spoke little (or no) English. I never had to wait long to talk to one of the Doctors, and they always treated me with the utmost respect. There were no issues with any of the chamber treatments (2 table 6 and 1 table 4), and everything went well. I just wish American hospitals treated patients as well as they did in Cabo.

William B – Jan 2015


While no one wishes to go through any illness on vacation, particularly something as serious as decompression sickness, the staff at the Cozumel International Clinic did everything possible to assist my daughter and make us comfortable.  This was actually our first diving trip after being certified earlier last year.  While there are many diving locations available throughout the world, I can say with confidence I will return to Cozumel again and again with the knowledge that if a medical situation arises, I have access to outstanding facilities and treatment administered by caring professionals.  While my responses to these questions have been focused specifically on the medical treatment, I can also say that this experience was mirrored by everyone I met on the island, from the resort staff to the tour operators, everyone was so welcoming and helpful.  What a great place to visit.  Thanks again for everything.

Stephen – Jan 2015



Barbara R – Sept 2014


Thank you for turning my frightening diving incident into a peaceful time of care and recovery.  You covered all of the difficult avenues of discovery of my injuries and brought me back from a very difficult place.  A great big THANK YOU to these primary care givers and to all of the staff: Julio Torres, ORA, Pavolva Gaxiola, DR, Oscar Garcia, DR, Eduardo Garcia, PR, Bibiana Barcziova

Thomas C – Sept 2014


I have to tell you. I was very impressed with the entire staff, starting with the Doctor, and with all the staff at the facility. I was extremely pleased to see the Doctor come and see me twice, after both my sessions. The staff at the facility were very caring, and made a bad situation much better. Thank you Vanessa for spending the 5 hours with me. Enjoyed your company. And thanks to rest of staff there – very friendly, helpful, and not worried about paperwork and payment (they did all that at the right time)

Andrew S – Sept 2014


My thanks to all who provided me support and care during this event. The local dive shop staff, local doctor, the staff and doctor at the chamber were all well trained and prepared for this type of emergency and treatment.. I feel fully recovered and look forward to future diving.

William L – July 2014


Overall, I was pleased with the service I received while treating my decompression sickness. The staff was also really helpful in making sure insurance would cover this service before I agreed to treatment.

Cassandra R


There is probably no medical facility in the world that is better for treating a scuba diving incident than Cozumel Hyperbarics Clinic.  Have extensively researched “immersion pulmonary edema” since incident. The Cozumel Staff/Doctors knew as much about treating this relatively rare scuba diving condition as the top doctors at DAN (Divers Alert Network) or the top U.S. hyperbaric research facility (Duke University). Have no doubt that I received better medical advice and treatment in Cozumel than would have received at a world famous top-tier US hospital like Mayo Clinic. To repeat a point for emphasis, enormous US Hospital complexes with the latest state of the art medical equipment do not equal better patient outcomes than a small Cozumel hyperbaric medical facility with well trained diving medical officers and staff who treat more scuba diving incidents in a week than most U.S. hospital Emergency Room doctors will see in a lifetime.

Thomas H – July 2014


Everyone at the facility was awesome and seemed genuinlely concerned about my well being and care. The front desk staff (Babietta?, nurses, administration and EMT;s were great.  Unfortunely, I can’t remember everyones name but special thanks to Julio, Isabela and Pamela ..we spent a lot of time together in the chamber.

David F – July 2014


I want to thank you and your team at the Medicina Hiperbarica Integral for the excellent attention, care, and courtesies that were extended to me when I needed attention after my diving incident in Cozumel. From the Doctors who examined me, to the nurse who accompanied me into the chamber to Julio who coordinated everything; the level of patient care and genuine customer well being was very apparent and sincere. They ensured that all my concerns were addressed and that I was comfortable and at ease at all times. 

Mark K


Overall, we were very happy and pleasantly surprised with the quality of the center, and staff (especially Jorge Aldana) were welcoming, caring and highly professional. All of them spoke English, which was very helpful.

Olessia Z


My deepest gratefulness goes to Dr. Henrik Friis Juhl (DMO) and Mrs. Tammy Holter (DMT) who both did an excellent job! Like every other hyperbaric chamber in the world, the one in Zanzibar is also a ‘magical place’ where lives have been saved and healing takes place. Therefore, please make sure to keep it running!!

Ulli K – July 2014


The clinic and all its staff were absolutely fantastic. We were very well looked after by everyone and we could not asked for anything more. As a Doctor here in the UK i can say that it was the best service i have had anywhere. We are forever indebted to everyone at SSS/DEAN.

— Dr. J.H., U.K


I really appreciate the professionalism and kindness of all the staff. DCS is the last thing you want or expect on vacation. The staff is what made the chamber a tolerable experience… I’m grateful to know the chamber and your staff are there if I ever need them again.

— D.C., USA
I cannot thank the doctor enough for his caring attitude and his thoroughness each time he examined me.  I felt at ease and able to trust him completely.  He is a very busy man and he never rushed; he was thoughtful and encouraging.
— L.H., USA
I just want to thank the doctors and their teams for there devotion and there patient, thanks to them it was a memorable experience.
— S.L., USA
Excellent care.  I’m very glad your facility was there, open, and ready to treat me.  I cannot thank you enough!
— D.H., USA

First class treatment.  The Cozumel facility compares to the same treatment I had at Hermann Memorial in Houston TX a few years ago. Have to say it was even better than Hermann because of the movies and great sandwiches. Hello to Dr. Molina if you get a chance and thanks to all.

— N.C., USA

The physician and every staff member we encountered were more than competent and professional.  They were very kind and friendly and informative.  The dive accident was very frightening and the physician and the staff were very comforting and reassuring.  A staff member sat with me in the chamber with each treatment and both of them were outstanding helpful and kind. The dive doctor that I contacted when I got back to New Orleans was very impressed with the speed and thoroughness of my treatment.
—T.T., USA
Thanks for your e-mail, my wife, is doing well and our flights home were fine. She went to our local doctor upon our arrival back home and the doctor commented on how well everything was handled at you hospital. We have been telling everyone here, our family and friends as well as everyone we saw at church this morning, about how nice everyone was in Cozumel. Again, thanks for all you did and God bless you!.
—B.L., USA
During the day and a half we spent in your emergency clinic we were very impressed by the skill and care provided by your medical and administrative staff as well as your concierge Bibi. Bibi actually came by our hotel at night to make sure that were were alright. Everyone was helpful and friendly during what was a very stressful time for us. Thanks again for everything. When we arrived home we went to our normal doctor to see if there was anything more to be done. Our doctor was very happy with not only the course of examination and treatment but with every aspect of the care that your staff rendered. May God Bless all of you.
—A.L., USA