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It is a fact of life, accidents do happen! The reasons why the accident occurred is something that can be debated at a later date. The way the incident is being managed, is at this point the most important issue, it could be a matter of life and death for the unfortunate victim. For those of us who choose to work in the Dive Industry, having the skills and knowledge to manage dive accidents, should be on the top of their “I want to know” list as a Diving Professionals!

As Dive Professionals, we are certified as First Aid Providers, Oxygen Providers, and most of us can even teach these courses to recreational divers. During our Dive Master/leader and Instructor courses we had to prove our inwater ability to rescue, panicked divers and unresponsive divers. Does this automatically make us good at accident management? Many of the diver training agencies would like you to think so, the reality is, these courses have taught us to rescue and administer first aid under the direction of others! This is not a bad thing, anyone that has the skills and ability and are willing to assist others in trouble should be applauded. There are of course, many good liveaboard and day trip dive boat tour leaders that are well versed in Dive Accident Management, unfortunately many of these people had to learn it the hard way!

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The aim of the SSS Dive Accident Management course, is to put you ahead of the rest. Train you to take control and make what you believe to be the best decision for the particular situation. As we learnt from our early training there is very rarely only one way to accomplish a task, and each emergency situation you may face, will most likely have you coming up with a different plan to accomplish the task at hand. The ability to take charge, delegate, stay calm, stay focused, communicate clearly, think quickly and follow plans though, all at the same time are the hallmarks of a great Dive Accident Manager!

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