SSS Oxygen Provider

DAN Kit (with second demand system)

Oxygen sustains life, in the event of an diving accident or emergency, prompt and efficient administration of 100% oxygen to a conscious or unconscious breathing diver will help to treat almost any scuba diving injury. In the rare event that 100% oxygen is not helpful in treating an injury, it will not have any negative effects. Given the difficulty of assessing injuries and illnesses at a dive site, pure oxygen should always be administered to an ailing diver until his injury can be diagnosed by medical professionals. For this reason, responsible dive operations carry an emergency oxygen kit with them to every dive site.

So why become an Oxygen Provider?

In many countries around the world, 100% Oxygen is classed as a prescriptive drug. Without training and certification as an Oxygen Provider, lawfully you are unable to handle or administer 100% Oxygen to people in need. More importantly, Oxygen needs to be handled correctly, you also need to learn the correct method of administering 100% O2 to conscious, unconscious and non breathing victims.

          Partial Rebreather or Medium Concentration Mask          DAN Oxygen Inhalator Valve      Pocket Mask wOxygen Inlet & One-way Valve

Finally, learning to transport, store, and administer medical oxygen requires simple training. Here at SSS Chamber Network we offer an easy, half-day training class which will familiarize divers with basic principles of oxygen first aid. All divers would do well to enroll in a such a course. The cost is minimal, the information is easily grasped, and the techniques and skills acquired may someday save a life.

The Take-Home Message About Oxygen Administration for Scuba Diving Injuries:

Administration of pure oxygen is recommended for all scuba diving injuries. Breathing 100% pure oxygen can help, but never hurt, an injured diver. Every scuba diver would do well to familiarize himself with oxygen first aid by enrolling in a oxygen administration course taught by a professional agency.
Course conducted in Phuket
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