SSS Tender Operator


The course provides comprehensive knowledge about the Decompression Illness (DCI) and a complete spectrum of practical skills necessary for the safe chamber operation and inside chamber patient tending. Participants are going to be exposed to full ‘hands on’ training in multi-place/multi-lock chamber operations as well as inside chamber practical sessions, including realistic emergency scenarios performed under increased pressure. The course can be conducted over 3 days full time or 5 evenings in-house period, with interactive theory lectures followed by practical sessions. All conducted by experienced SSS technical and medical staff members. Who can apply? All divers carrying a current leadership level diving certificate (Divemasters and Instructors). Who should apply? Divers who are seeking a closely related but on land alternative to their underwater profession. The TOP course is ideal for those who are looking for new challenges, knowledge, skills, employability and excitement. Most of all, the course is for those diving pro’s who wish to participate in highly rewarding operations of helping injured fellow divers.

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